Try These Exercises To Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Anxiety

In simple terms, anxiety is your body’s response to stressful situations. Feeling anxious for a short period helps overcome stress. But if you are experiencing anxiety frequently, you need immediate treatment.

There are different types of anxiety disorders that affect humans. Almost all of them are usually treated using antidepressants and sedatives. Psychotherapy is also recommended for the treatment of anxiety.

If you are wondering how to feel better from anxiety, studies have shown that there are several natural remedies that will help in reducing anxiety. Meditation, regular exercise, healthy eating, etc. are some of them.

Here are some exercises that you can try to reduce anxiety and stress.

Deep Breathing

When you are anxious, your heart rate and breaths start elevating. When this happens, you will start to sweat and feel lightheaded. If you are feeling anxious, try to control your breaths by doing deep inhaling and exhaling. This will help to relax both your mind and body. when you are anxious, find a quiet place and sit there with one of your hands on your chest and other at your stomach. Take a slow, deep breath in and after a few seconds, breathe out through your nose. Try to repeat this process for about 10-15 times and you will start to feel relaxed.

Muscle Relaxing

Strain or tension in muscles is very common when you are feeling anxious. The stress in your muscle makes anxiety more difficult to control. You could reduce anxiety by reducing the tension in your muscles. Sit in a quiet place and take slow deep breaths. Make a tight fist with your hand and squeeze it tightly and hold it for a few seconds. Then open your fingers slowly and you will notice a feeling of tension leaving from your muscles. Continue this exercise for a few minutes and you will feel more relaxed.

Visualizing Exercise

It is one of the easiest ways to calm your mind and reduce anxiety. Try to paint a mental picture of a place, real or imaginary, where you feel relaxed and can calm your body and mind. You can imagine a peaceful place that you visited or you can create an imaginary place that is safe and calming. Try to think about how this place makes you feel and try to imagine yourself in this place. Once you have a clear mental picture, close your eyes and take slow breaths while focusing on this place. Continue focusing until you start feeling your anxiety disappearing. Do this exercise whenever you have anxiety.