Self Love: The Key To Cultivating Positivity

Self Love
Self Love
Self Love
Self Love

Being loved and knowing it are instrumental in determining your happiness and attitude towards life. If you do not regard yourself to be worthy of love, the chances are you are leading a bitter life. The factors that made you think so could be anything from an unhappy childhood to betrayal in relationships.

“Loving yourself is the first step to loving others” is something that we often hear and it is true. There is no way you can share something you don’t have, which means you can’t love the people around you if you hate yourself.

However, self love should not be confused with narcissism where the person cares about himself/herself alone. Also self love doesn’t mean you have to live in a shell and block out the world. It is all about appreciating you and sharing love to others.

How To Cultivate Self Love?

Here are some ways you can cultivate self love.

Realize That Two People Cannot Be The Exact Same

No two people, not even identical twins can be exactly alike. Every individual is unique and has their good and bad sides. Once you learn to admit the uniqueness of individuals, you will realize how wrong it was to compare yourself with someone else. Stopping the constant comparisons is the key to cultivating self love.

Appreciate Every Moment In Life

Every moment has to be seen as a gift that not everyone gets. A moment gone is gone forever because life is a bridge between your breath and death and it is impossible to turn back and walk over to visit a point you walked through once.

Yes, there would be a lot bothering you but the memory of things that you lost or left behind in the past and the fear of what awaits you in the future should not stop you from appreciating the present moment.

Realize That There Is No Perfect Person In The World

No matter how far you travel, you cannot find a single perfect person in the world. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and that defines each of them as individuals.  Do not sell yourself short by comparing yourself with others. Appreciate your strengths and admit your weaknesses.

More often than not we notice people being hard on themselves while being sweet to others. It is not going to help them at all because the attitude will turn them into a bitter person bit by bit. Practicing self love makes life less complex and happier.