Tips To Feel Better If You Are Feeling Down Or Anxious

Tips To Feel Better
Tips To Feel Better
Tips To Feel Better
Tips To Feel Better

Have you found yourself digging into a trench of thoughts that is sucking off of your life energy and enthusiasm? Life can often throw you down and keep you in the worst of moods. Some days are much better, but life is a mixed bag of ups and downs. There may be many triggers that can cause you to stress out and be in a generally bad mood. There are however ways to reduce anxiety, as we discuss the tips to feel better. Read on…

Write It Down

One of the best exercises to relax when you feel down is to write your thoughts. Several studies have shown that writing and penning down your thoughts in a journal can help you alleviate stress and keep you in a better mood. It is an outlet for those who write and enjoy the exercise of writing.

Listening To Music 

Listen to your favorite track which you have a positive memory with. This could be a tune that your mates jammed to in college during the freshman’s frat party, or could be a song that reminds you of pleasant emotion.

Look Through Photos

If you have collected photos of your escapades, then there is no better way to unwind and take a walk down memory lane than to check them out. Take photos of a place that you and your friends went to or which incite a feel-good memory.


If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, it is ok to find and quite spot and bawl. Often your mind is like a prison that shuts in its emotions and ends up bottling it up. Let is out and cry yourself out. One requires such an outlet to release negative emotions. Rest assured, when you have finished crying, you will feel much lighter and happier as a result.

Sing Loudly

Sing like you just don’t care! In Japan, karaoke is often used as a source of stress relief. Take a leaf from Japanese culture and sing your heart out. Find the backing track of a song that you like on YouTube and sing along to it.

Take A Walk And Sweat It Out

The tried and tested way to feel better is to force your body to produce feel-good hormones. Exercising does that best! Even if you are not in the mood to hit the gym, make sure to get out, get some air, and walk like there is no end!